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Symposium Program

Thursday, February 1, 2024

1st Annual Symposium: AI West Med

AI West Med Symposium – Practical AI for practicing Physicians

Symposium Director:
Inderbir S. Gill, MD & Giovanni E. Cacciamani, MD

Symposium Codirector:
Andre L. Abreu, MD & Mitchell Goldenberg, MD
7:30 AM


8:15 AM

Opening Remarks

Speaker: Inderbir S. Gill, MD


Taxonomy and historical perspective

Moderator: Peter Kuhn, PhD

Session 1 focuses on the taxonomy and historical perspective of AI, as well as the importance of multidisciplinary AI teams in driving innovation and collaboration.

8:30 AM

Perspective from the Royal College

Speaker: Michael J McKirdy, MD
8:45 AM

Historical Roots to Future Frontiers: Evolution of AI in Healthcare

Speaker: Vincent Liu MD, MS
9:00 AM

Green AI

Speaker: Jay C-C Kuo, PhD
9:15 AM

Panel Discussion


AI Radiology

Moderator: Arthur Toga, PhD

Session 2 explores the applications of AI in imaging, specifically in radiology. These fields will discuss the advancements and potential of AI in improving diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning.

9:25 AM

Impact of AI-enhanced computer vision to improve screening strategies

Keynote Speaker: Matthew Lungren, MD
9:40 AM

Automating MRI read-out for Prostate: Introducing the virtual biopsy concept

Speaker: Andre L. Abreu, MD
9:55 AM

Developing an imaging biomarker for cancer microenvironment

Speaker: Vinay Duddalwar, MD
10:10 AM

AI Applied to Neuroimaging to Advance Diagnosis, Treatment & Drug Discovery

Speaker: Paul Thompson, PhD
10:25 AM

Panel Discussion


AI Pathology

Moderator: Manju Aron, MD

Session 3 delves into the transformative role of AI in pathology. It will cover how AI technologies are revolutionizing pathology by enhancing the precision and efficiency of disease diagnosis. Experts will discuss breakthroughs in AI algorithms that interpret histopathological data, contributing to more accurate and faster diagnoses. The session will also touch upon the integration of AI with traditional pathology methods to create hybrid diagnostic systems.

10:35 AM

Beyond the Microscope Lens: AI for precision pathology

Speaker: Nasir Rajpoot, MD
10:50 AM

Clinical Grade AI in prostate cancer diagnosis: currently available applications

Speaker: Mahul Amin, MD
11:05 AM

Panel Discussion


AI and Digital Therapeutics

Moderator: Assad Oberai, PhD

Session 4 highlights advancements in AI-driven digital therapeutics and diagnostic algorithms. This session will explore how AI is being used to develop new digital health interventions and diagnostics, offering personalized and scalable healthcare solutions. Discussions will revolve around the latest AI platforms for discovering and developing digital therapeutics, as well as the integration of AI in diagnostic processes to improve accuracy and efficiency.

11:15 AM

Role of AI in Digital Health Solutions

Speaker: Leslie Saxon, MD
11:30 AM

Advanced Implants to Restore Sight to the Blind

Speaker: Mark Humayun, MD
11:45 AM

Walking the Talk: Clinical Trial Validation of AI for Precision Medicine

Speaker: Anant Madabushi, PhD
12:00 PM

Panel Discussion


AI in clinical documentation and academic productivity

Moderator: Jamal Nabhani, MD

Session 5 examines the impact of AI on clinical documentation and patient management systems. The focus will be on innovative AI solutions that streamline documentation processes, reduce administrative burdens on healthcare providers, and improve data accuracy. This session will explore AI’s role in enhancing patient records, integrating various data sources, and facilitating better decision-making in patient care.

12:10 PM

Leveraging AI to Enhance Patient Education Materials

Speaker: David Canes, MD
12:25 PM

Artificial Intelligence in Enhancing Medical & Scientific Dissemination

Speaker: Giovanni E. Cacciamani, MD
12:40 PM

Automating & Streamlining the Outpatient Clinic

Speaker: Inderbir S. Gill, MD
12:55 PM

Panel Discussion

01:05 PM

Authority remarks

01:20 PM

Lunch Break


Surgical AI

Moderator: Mitchell Goldenberg, MBBS, PhD & Mihir M. Desai, MD

In session 6 we will include AI-guided surgical planning, real-time intraoperative assistance, and AI-enabled post-operative care. Attendees will gain insights into how AI is transforming the surgical workflow, enabling more efficient procedures and better patient management.

01:50 PM

What's New in AI in Surgery: From annotation to clinical prediction

Speaker: Daniel A. Hashimoto, MD
02:05 PM

Digitizing the OR: Introducing Surgery 3.0

Speaker: Teodor Grantcharov, MD
02:20 PM

Panel Discussion


Generative AI/LLM/GPT in 2024

Moderator: Joshua Corb

Experts will discuss how generative AI can be used to improve the patient experience, from admission to discharge. Topics covered may include AI-driven patient communication systems, personalized treatment recommendations, and AI-powered virtual assistants for healthcare providers.

02:30 PM

Unleashing LLM Potential: Navigating the Risks and Reaping the Benefits of AI in biomedicine

Keynote Speaker: Tao Tu, PhD
02:50 PM

Panel Discussion


Ethical and Responsible use

Moderator: Steve Siegel, MD PhD

Ethical and responsible use of AI in healthcare takes the spotlight in Session 8. We will explore the ethical considerations and challenges associated with implementing AI in healthcare, ensuring that the benefits of these technologies are harnessed responsibly.

03:00 PM

Governance, ethics, responsible AI: What physicians need to know

Speaker: Yanshan Wang, PhD
03:15 PM

Algor-ethics: Artificial intelligence and ethical reflection

Speaker: Paolo Benanti, PhD
03:30 PM

Panel Discussion


Academic perspectives and guidelines

Moderator: Jaime Landman, MD

Discuss the guidelines and regulations set forth by organizations such as the FDA and EMA, as well as the dissemination of AI research. We will explore the regulatory landscape and the importance of standardized reporting and guidelines in AI research.

03:40 PM

Imperatives for publishing clinical artificial Intelligence studies in The Lancet medical journals

Keynote Speaker: Rupa Sarkar, PhD
03:55 PM

The Critical Need for Reporting Guidelines in AI-Driven Healthcare

Speaker: Gary Collins, PhD
04:10 PM

What’s new in AI extension: Guidelines

Speaker: Giovanni E. Cacciamani, MD
04:25 PM

Panel Discussion

04:35 PM

Closing Remarks

Speaker: Inderbir S. Gill, MD